The benefit of Gold in Cosmetics

The benefit of Gold in Cosmetics

The ownership of gold and of course the quantity owned have long been seen as a statement of wealth, however what many people don’t realize is that gold has many other great benefits including to their health! Gold in cosmetics is not a new technique, its use in beauty products date back to pre 3000 BC. It became extremely popular for use in jewelry because of its ease to be worked into shapes (especially using ancient tools) but historical records and archeological findings have discovered that gold was considered to be a premium ingredient for skincare across many civilizations around the world.

Gold in cosmetics was something that has been traced back to the ancient Egyptians. Cleopatra herself well known for her natural beauty used face masks containing gold to ensure her natural beauty was preserved and to give her the most enviable flawless complexion. Many Chinese royalty members used gold in cosmetics too, ensuring they looked good at all times.

Gold is still used in many topical skin care products and cosmetics helping people all over the world to combat a variety of skin problems. The premium cosmetic industry leaders started to look into the benefit of gold in cosmetics years ago and realized its potential to create a range of products that actually work! The benefit to having gold in cosmetics ranges from helping to give skin a youthful glow to actually stopping the aging process in its tracks!

Gold for youthful skin

As we get older the elasticity of the skin declines which is why we start to develop wrinkles and fine lines. The reason this happens is because the body no longer produces natural collegens at that same rate it once did. That combined with gravity means that people begin to get jowels, dry skin and age spots. Without the skin producing the same amount of oils as it once did the skin can become dry which in addition to being felt by touch, is also obvious just by looking in the mirror. The firmness of the skin relies heavily on both elasticity and moisture, but rather than opting for a better skin care product lots have instead chosen surgical procedures that can come at a high risk. There are lots of products on the market that contain ingredients that were created by a laboratory, but many of these are based on natural ingredients. Why choose a synthetic when you can have the real thing?

Gold in cosmetics for all ages

Gold in cosmetics is not only for those showing signs of aging, it can also clear up problems such as acne, combination and dry skin allowing true beauty and flawlessness to show through. Starting a skin regime with gold in cosmetics can give nature the helping hand it needs before signs of aging show which is why so many people now advocate taking care of the skin as young as possible. There are different products available containing gold that can combat troublesome areas, or instead treat the skin entirely to help halt, reverse and prevent skin problems that many complain about.