Serum use in cosmetics

Serum use in cosmetics as they contain an array of antioxidants

Our customers have high expectations of our serums. This is because they know that the serums offered by L’core Paris are concentrated with anti-aging ingredients that make a major impact on your skin.

Serum or moisturizer?

Serum is very different from moisturizer as it does not contain traditional emollients or thickeners. Rather, the L’core cosmetics such as creams and lotions contain these ingredients. In addition, our serums will not contain a sunscreen active either. This is because we use that extra space in our serums to pack in other beneficial ingredients such as natural French botanicals, precious minerals and so on.

Do note that a serum from L’core Paris won’t replace your daytime or moisturizer or your night cream. But our L’core cosmetics will boost your anti-aging results. In fact, your overall skin health can improve when serum is used morning and evening.

Use a good serum

You will be able to see the real benefits of using a serum when you stick to it day in and day out. In fact, you will most likely see some improvements right away as you use L’core Paris products. This is because our serums have an antioxidant-rich formula that helps to soothe redness and brightens the skin too. Over the long term you would be able to see signs of damage visibly fading. Besides, your skin will look healthier and feel firmer too!

Our serums contain anti-aging ingredients that have been proven to be effective. You must start using products that are loaded with these impressive ingredients before any signs of damage begin to occur. This way you will be on your way for an even complexion and firmer skin as you age. L’core Paris is devoted to offering you products with such ingredients that tend to work even after your skin damage starts to show up. But the sooner you start, the better it will be!

Our serums can target your specific concerns such as brown spots from overexposure to the sun. L’core cosmetics are able to help skin repair itself so that these damages can heal faster. But in order to keep discolorations from getting worse, you need to keep your skin protected by using these products from L’core Paris.  Do note that you need to be regular in whatever products you are applying in order to get the complete benefits.