Sapphire In Cosmetics Provided By L’Core Paris

Sapphire In Cosmetics Provided By L’Core Paris


L’Core Paris offers a number of sapphire cosmetics that utilizes a breakthrough formula to revitalize your skin. The sapphire extracts that have been combined in the effective formulas gently helps clean the skin while allowing it to retain and attract the necessary moisture it needs to look healthy, clean and rejuvenated. Some of the sapphire in cosmetic products from L’Core include:


The Acne Control mask in the L’Core sapphire collection can help many individuals who suffer from mild to moderate acne skin problems. The sapphire formula promotes skin hydration as well as providing a protective agent that can help prevent breakouts. The mask effectively reduces oil build up in the pores that can cause acne breakouts and helps gently unclog pores where oil and dirt can be trapped. For smooth, clear and youthful looking skin that remains shine free the Acne Control Sapphire Mask can help you see the results you have been searching for in a beauty product.


The Sapphire Facial Cleansing Mousse is the perfect beauty product for any skin type. This foam cleanser will leave skin feeling smooth and looking youthful. The sapphire formula gently but thoroughly cleans the skin while shrinking pores and promotes cell growth.


Sapphire Facial Toner is specially formulated with a number of natural ingredients that not only helps remove makeup and oil from the face but also keeps the skin moisturized. This facial toner contain vitamin E, aloe and a number of beneficial ingredients that gently removes the dirt trapped in pores while refining pores and leaving the skin looking more radiant and refreshed.


The Sapphire Facial Peel is the ultimate anti aging remedy that is gentle and effective at leaving the skin rejuvenated and healthy. The active ingredients including Ginseng, Green Tea Extract, sapphire minerals and more provide the skin with powerful anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants promote cell growth, effectively hydrates the skin by balancing the PH levels of the skin to attract and retain the proper moisture. With the Sapphire Facial Peel you will see a reduction in wrinkles and age spots and see a natural glow of radiant and youthful looking skin.


The L’Core Sapphire Milk Cleanser is a specially formulated cleanser that is safe and effective for all skin types. The ingredients, which include Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Sapphire Extracts, Jojoba and more gently removes impurities from the skin without removing the natural nutrients the skin provides to promote radiant and healthy looking skin.


The benefits of sapphire in cosmetics ranges from evening skin tone, promoting cell growth while also leaving the skin with a beautiful natural glow. Try any of these L’Core sapphire products to see the difference sapphire extracts can have with your skin.