Pearls In Cosmetics Available From L’Core Paris Cosmetics

Pearls In Cosmetics Available From L’Core Paris Cosmetics

L’Core Paris has created a breakthrough line of pearl in cosmetic products that will leave you skin looking radiant and rejuvenated. The specially formulated ingredients in the brightening cream utilizes pearl infused powders to help provide the skin with crucial nutrients that leaves the skin smoother and glowing.


The active ingredients in the Brightening Cream found in the pearl collection include all natural products. Ingredients like coconut oil and safflower seed oil help promote cell growth, which can reduce the effects of sun damage, discoloration and dark spots. The combination of ingredients with the pearl in cosmetics can effectively help prevent future age spots, freckles and can even out skin tone. Pearl in cosmetics promotes the natural youthful look in skin without having to get painful injections or go through risky cosmetic surgery.


Benefits Of Using Pearls In Cosmetics:


Pearl powder has the active components that help brighten or lighten the skin pigmentation. For this reason the pearl collection from L’Core Paris line effectively reduces age spots, redness, sun spots, freckles and more. When pearls are ground down to a powder form the can be mixed with other effective ingredients to promote healthy, glowing and youthful looking skin.


The use of pearl in cosmetics also adds additional anti aging properties. The properties of the pearl powder can help keep skin toned and reduce large pores. This leaves the skin looking firmer but still smooth and clean. Your skin will be rejuvenated from using a small amount of the brightening cream after using a proper skin toner.


If you are prone to breakouts or your skin suffers from constant exposure to the sun or extremely cold weather using a product that contains pearl powder in it can help reduce the effects from the natural elements and breakouts. The pearl in cosmetics ingredients can reduce redness while providing nourishing nutrients to help the skin heal.


Because of the adhesive properties found in pearl powder it leaves the skin feeling smoother. Pearl in cosmetics allows for the proper moisture to be retained in the skin leaving it hydrated and smooth. Skin that lacks the proper hydration can feel rough, scratchy and will appear dry and flaky. The Brightening Cream from L’Core Paris not only helps reduce redness but can help keep the skin feeling softer and smoother. When the skin feels softer and is properly hydrated it will look younger.


Pearl in cosmetics is not an uncommon ingredients. For years pearl powder has been added to nail polishes, lipsticks and eye shadows. With a number of safe studies the L’Core Paris company introduced the pearl powder to its brightening cream to give individuals younger looking skin that many would pay thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgeries or injections to achieve. The brightening cream is just one of the many products you can find from L’Core Paris that utilizes breakthrough ingredients to provide anyone the beautiful, healthy and radiant skin they desire.

L’Core Paris Luxury Cosmetics

L’Core Luxury Cosmetics Setting A High Standard For Skin Care

L’Core Luxury Cosmetics has made vast breakthroughs in the skincare industry. The company prides itself on using only organic ingredients that revolutionize the way people are seeing astonishing results without costly risky surgeries or the use of continuous injections. What sets the L’Core Luxury cosmetics line apart from most other skin care products available is the use of rare gemstones as one of the feature ingredients in their products.


L’Core Luxury Cosmetics Gemstone Products:


The Gold Collection from L’Core Luxury Cosmetics display a full range of revitalizing skin treatment products. Mixing in gold powder helps repair, heal and effectively leaves the skin looking younger. The active ingredients in the gold collection skin care product line were created to provide users with a powerful formula that tightens the skin, stimulate cell growth and helps heal problem areas. The gold powder also helps reduce wrinkles and leaves the skin smooth and glowing. L’Core Luxury Cosmetics 24K Gold Collection include:

  • 24K Ultra hydrating Day Cream
  • L’Core 24K Vitamin C Serum
  • 24K Night Cream
  • 24K Eye Cream
  • 24K Eye Serum
  • L’Core 24K Facial And Neck Mask


The Crystalline Diamond Collection features a number of skin treatment creams and serums that help reduce the effects of a number of skin ailments. The diamond ingredients increase blood flow allowing the cells to regenerate more efficiently and easily. Dark spots, freckles and fine lines become noticeable reduced with the use of any number of the Crystalline diamond products. Your skin will be left cleaner, brighter and clearer with the use of these products. L’Core Crystal ling Diamond Collection includes:

  • Express Lifting Crystalline Diamond Cream
  • L’Core Wrinkle Filler Cream
  • Express Lifting Crystalline Diamond Serum
  • 60 Sec Face Lift Cream


Emerald ash is incorporated in the the L’Core Emerald Collection which offers some of the most profound anti-ageing results from any product available. Without any injection or surgery you can easily see major improvements with your skin by using one of the Emerald Collection products. These products were specially formulated to help reduce wrinkles, remove excess oil from the skin and improve the elasticity by tone the area. L’Core Emerald Collection includes:

  • Emerald Collagen Serum
  • Emerald Collagen Mask
  • Emerald Collagen Cream


The Ruby Collection offers products that provide the necessary moisture your skin needs to promote healthy cell growth and maintain a healthy vibrant glow. L’Core Lavo Ruby Collection includes:

  • Lavo Bio Thermal Cream
  • Lavo Bio Thermal Serum
  • Lavo Bio Thermal Mask


The Sapphire Collection from L’Core Luxury Cosmetics offers some of the most effective skin care products you can find. The cleansers, masks, peels and more provide a powerful formula that gently cleans the skin, as well as clear away dead cells, reduce wrinkle, tone up the skin as well as balance out the pigments. Your skin will look younger and feel smoother from using the Sapphire Collection Products. L’Core Sapphire Collection includes:

  • Acne Control Mask
  • Facial Cleansing Mousse
  • Sapphire Facial Toner
  • Sapphire facial Peel
  • Sapphire Milk Cleanser


They also offer a L’Core Pearl Collection and a Black Mamba Diamond Collection these collection are still being expanding and currently only offer two products. The Line Correction Black Mamba and a Brightening Cream in the Pearl Collection.


All of the L’Core Luxury Cosmetic skincare products are utilizing the use of rare gems to effectively deliver a high quality product that gives profound results.

L’core Gold Products

L’core Gold Products

The L’core Gold products range has a product to suit all types of skin problems. History has shown that all over the world both women and men have benefited from incorporating this precious metal into their skincare regime. Cleopatra herself used gold masks similar to those in the range each night to make her complexion lighter, even and keep her looking youthful. This age old and proven property has been added to the products to give users the best skin possible. The results are you, but more healthful, youthful and radiant. If you have looked at the stars and wondered how they manage to get such great skin naturally the chances are they have incorporated gold into their regime.

Combat aging

Dry skin in itself can be problematic, but what many people don’t realize is that it can also cause premature aging. Gold is known for its moisturizing properties and even to increase the rate at which new skin cells are produced. This in turn allows the skin to rid itself of toxins that are drawn in during everyday life from pollutants in the air from traffic and other modern conveniences.

Thoe suffering from spots and signs of aging can actually get rid of or significantly reduce them by using the L’core Gold Products as part of their regime. Target troublesome areas with the eye serum and cream or have 24 hour protection and healing properties by using the day and night creams to keep looking youthful.

The L’core Gold products have been created with this in mind to give skin a new lease of life and users the youthful complexion they thought they had already said goodbye to. Who doesn’t want to wind back the clock a few years?

Halt aging in its tracks

The main reason that people begin to look older is because the collegen (elasticity) production of the skin begins to reduce once a person hits 25 as part of the natural aging process. This makes gravity take its toll so the skin gets thinner and loses its ability to bounce back the way it once could. Gold containing products slow down the reduction of natural collagen which leaves product users looking younger for longer.

Treat skin allergies

Skin allergies are becoming more and more commonplace and with many of the flare ups being caused by the environment it can be difficult to treat with side effect causing medication. One of the natural properties of gold are its healing properties which is great news for people suffering from acne or skin irritation. You don’t have to dismiss skin care altogether if you think you have sensitive skin, just treat your skin instead to L’core Gold Products.

Glow of Youth

Because gold helps to improve the bloods circulation it also helps to keep the skins levels of moisture up (something that reduces with age). In addition to moisture being optimized the particles of gold are also absorbed so that the skins already natural glow is amplified.

The L’core Gold products have harnessed the qualities of the earth to bring you everything you could have ever wanted from a skin care product!

Gemstones in cosmetics

For thousands of years gemstones have been a symbol of beauty, luxury and elegance. It’s no wonder that cosmetics have been enhanced with the addition of precious stones for just as long. We have always been in search of the best elements to add to our beauty products to make us appear younger, rosier and more beautiful.

The entry of mineral makeup has surely made a buzz in the cosmetic industry. Mineral makeup uses natural, non-toxic minerals in cosmetics to enhance your skin. Unlike other cosmetic ingredients that may cause rashes, burns and many other painful and unsightly side effects, minerals are safe and gentle on the skin so you don’t have to worry about any of these adverse effects.

L’core cosmetic is a luxury brand in the cosmetics industry that is committed to developing the most effective skin care products for its customers. Each formula is developed with careful research carried out by only the top research scientists in the world. Furthermore L’core constantly scans the current research for new developments that can be of benefit to its cosmetic formulas. Rest assured only the best organic gemstones are used in its products.

Check out our entire range on our website, these are just a selection of the gemstones we use in our products. There is much more for you to see!

Face Lift Cosmetic Products

Face Lift Cosmetic Products

In today’s world you don’t need to subject yourself to Restylane, Botox or even worse- surgery. You can get the same result or even better, right in the comfort of your own home! Not only do our face lifting cosmetic products offer convenience but you will see stunning results after just one use. Facelifts are highly sought after by aging women because they tighten the skin and underlying tissues on the face and neck to give you a younger-looking appearance. Regardless of age, non-surgical face lifting products tighten the skin and will give you a more youthful look without having to go under the knife. If you’re after top of the line, high-quality products that will give you a younger looking appearance then our Crystalline Diamond Collection is just what you need. Featuring lifting creams, serums and wrinkle fillers, this line can replace all your current anti-aging products and keep your skincare routine luxuriously simple.

Indulge your skin with the Crystalline Diamond Collection; derived from French organic extracts, our nutrient rich formula has the perfect botanical mixture that will leave you with an even glowing skin tone. Our lavish Crystalline Diamond Collection is enhanced with 100% pure diamond dust that delivers nutrients deep within your skin and illuminates your complexion. Due to diamonds natural brightening effects, you will see wrinkles fade away giving your face a fresh and rejuvenated appearance. Say au revoir to wrinkles with our wrinkle filler cream designed as a syringe in order to get thorough and precise application. This wrinkle cream fills wrinkles and fine lines, immediately giving your skin smoother appearance. When you are on the go and need a quick-fix, use our 60-second face lift cream and be amazed. Using rich minerals, this mask will tighten and lift your face and neck almost instantly. The infused diamond dust finishes off by brightening and refreshing your complexion.


Our diamond enhanced products are the greatest secret weapon against battling those visible signs of aging. We all reach a point in our lives where we start to see signs of aging but it’s never too early to invest in quality skin care products. Start taking care of your skin now and slow down the process. Pamper yourself and revitalize your skin for a fresher, brighter, younger looking you. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and we couldn’t agree more!