Mask in cosmetics

Mask in cosmetics are using innovative ingredients

There are a variety of facial masks being in use today. These are formulated to resemble gels, pastes or even as thick emulsions. Basically these products can be easily distributed on the face with fingers. Once it has been applied, the mask layer has to remain in place and it should not drip. This is important as the product has to be kept out of the eyes and mouth. L’core Paris offers a variety of facial masks in their 24K Gold Collection as well as the Emerald Collagen Mask.

Why use face masks

The main objective of facial masks of L’core cosmetics is to provide fast but deep moisturization.  In addition, it aids in skin replenishment and restitution. Besides, other benefits of masks include sebum absorption and elimination. These L’core cosmetics lead to skin rejuvenation. You can expect an immediate radiant complexion after you remove our mask.

Our facial masks have simple combinations of ingredients that are presented in simple formulas. They have the power of precious minerals such as emeralds or 24K gold. In addition is the suppleness of an organic French botanical. These are able to save the consumer precious time as they can be applied while the customer is catching on sleep, viewing TV, etc.

L’core Paris offers masks that can be applied as an even layer to the face. Post that, it is removed as a film after a given amount of time. Our masks are water soluble. In addition, they are safe for all kinds of skin. These are gel-type face masks in which the hydrophilic solvents have been carefully blended. This helps to obtain progressive evaporation. Besides, there is an immediate moisturizing effect too. Our masks provide adequate thickening and elasticity characteristics too as they contain a variety of vitamins and minerals too. They are able to accelerate blood circulation besides slowing skin aging. This is because the L’core cosmetics work at a cellular level, which helps to improve skin complexion and provide radiance.

L’core Paris provides face masks that provide a variety of skin actions. They can hydrate, moisturize, in addition to restore, replenish as well as calm skin of all types and ages. They provide glow, freshness, in addition to a soothing, cooling along with an anti-reddening effect. Using our products means that you do not have to worry about side effects of any kind later on!