L’Core cosmetics scam

My Cosmetics Secrets: Colors of Holiday

Holidays are fast coming, what’s a livelier treat to any beauty addicts than a bag of holiday skincare and makeup treats. Winter isn’t all fun and games when it comes to skincare. You would have to deal with skin flaking and stinging skin dryness. Most of the time, having to put on layers and layers of moisturizers is not enough to completely hydrate the skin deeply.

Enjoying holiday themed makeup will be close to impossible if all we have is a dry flaking skin and no space for the colors to emanate on our skin. Having an extremely dry winter skin decreases the chances of getting to full pigmentation of the makeup products that you are going to apply. Flakes and chapped skin will either reject any formula that you put on your skin or the skin will just crack out the colors. We wouldn’t want a foundation filled with cracks and laugh lines.

Moisturizing and Heat

The most basic thing in skincare is also the most vital thing during the season of inevitable skin dehydration. The cold weather closes up all of the pores in our skin, and so the natural oil and hydration can’t pass through the skin and replenish the body’s exterior hydration.

L’core Paris was able to formulate a collection of skincare products with thermal conductors. L’core Paris’ Lavo Bio Thermal skincare products contain actual powdered ruby in them. Ruby is known to contain chromium and aluminum oxide which consists of high thermal conductors and melting point. Lavo Bio Thermal products collect heat deep inside our body temperature and amplify it to focus on areas that need heat on the surface. For example, it can help you get your cheeks a little bit of color by helping the blood circulation around that area using a very gentle heat. Heat will also open up the pores and let enough moisture and hydration to pass through and secrete from the skin.

The pores will open up space just enough for the skin to let some natural oil and hydration through. This will not accumulate any dirt and pollution to your skin, which can develop skin impurities like discoloration, blemishes, and acne.

L’core Paris’ Lavo Bio Thermal products are ideally used during the night time skincare routine since this will help the skin produce hydration and moisture while the cells are busy repairing tissues and torn muscles while the body’s asleep. There are a bunch of claims that L’core is a cosmetics scam. However, if you try out their unique items like the Ruby Collection, you’ll see that the L’core Paris is a certified skincare brand. Most of their items also produce fast acting results which can provide drastic skin improvements in just a week. With these redeeming factors, we can’t exactly say that L’core is a cosmetics scam.

Along with L’core Paris’ Lavo Bio Thermal Cream, Chanel recently released a rogue makeup line which offers a huge variety of red toned makeup products. This Chanel collection is called the Rogue Allure collection. Their lip colors are really a must have especially for this coming season!