L’Core Paris Scam

L’Core Paris Scams? Take a Closer Look.

L’Core Paris is a brand that has been featured quite a few times in our cosmetics site. From their amazingly effective serums and masks, to the in depth look at the unique ingredients used by the luxury skincare company, we have been most pleased with our experiences with the products of L’Core Paris.

There have been some troubling negative reviews, some even claiming that the products of L’Core Paris are scams. As satisfied customers of the luxury brand, we feel that it doesn’t do justice to the products that we have found to be very effective. We are not here to talk about the negative things, though. Instead focus more on the factual skincare benefits that are provided by the advanced formulations of the skincare products of L’Core Paris.

Product Formulations

To start with, we’ll focus on the very building blocks of L’Core Paris products. According to the main website of L’Core Paris, they have established research centers in countries across different continents to research the different skin types and skin concerns of different people. These research projects most likely resulted to the company creating several skincare collections that specifically targets different skin care concerns. The skincare products of L’Core Paris are all created with pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are all listed in the packaging and in the main website for customer product awareness.

  • Nourishment and Anti-aging
    The products are categorized into eight different collections, with each one providing a different set of skincare benefits. Some of the pioneering products of L’Core Paris are the skin nourishing and protecting products of the gold collection that are applied in daily and nightly skincare routines. For anti-aging skincare, L’Core has released the Crystalline Diamond Collection consisted of creams and serums that nourishes the skin to bring it back to a firm and healthy state, as well as a face mask and line corrector of the Black Mamba Diamond Collection that provide immediate anti-wrinkle solutions. The Emerald Collection also provides a large boost for long term anti-aging, with its collagen enhancing formulation that nourishes the skin back to a younger looking state.
  • Cleansing and Brightening
    The cleansing formulations of L’Core Paris are some of the most diverse: ranging from acne control, make-up removal, exfoliation, and facial wash and toners of the Sapphire Collection to the Bio Thermal technology provided by the Lavo Ruby Collection. Skin brightening products are also formulized by L’Core Paris with its Pearl Collection, as well as the Body Care Collection for a holistic skincare experience.

All these products are created from pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are notably infused with therapeutic luxury ingredients, which are also enhanced by the infusion of multiple organic extracts that not only adds essential skincare benefits, but also boosts the formulations of each product.

Organic Extracts

The L’Core Paris products are known for its organic extracts that are infused in their individual skincare formulas. As customers, we can check the organic extracts included in the individual products through the product descriptions that can be found on L’Core Paris’ official webpage. This transparency is a reliable evidence against the claims of L’Core Paris scams, since they give the customers the freedom to see the contents of the products. To give a few examples, we list down below some of the most notable ingredients that are used in some of their products.

  • Moisturizing and Skin Conditioning Agents
    Some of the most effective moisturizing natural ingredients come in the form of organic butters such as shea, cocoa, mango, and cupuacu seed butters. These products are infused in the multiple creams of L’Core Paris including the Gold Eye Cream, Diamond Lifting Cream, Emerald Collagen Cream, as well as the Body Care Collection’s Body Butter.
  • Cleansing and Antimicrobial Elements
    For L’Core Paris, some of the best organic cleansing agents that they use in their products include coconut, castor, safflower, and sunflower seed oils – which also provide some antimicrobial properties. Some of the products that benefit from these ingredients are the Gold Night and Eye Creams, the Sapphire Acne Control Mask and Milk Cleanser, the Ruby Bio Thermal Cream, the Body Butter and Sugar Exfoliator, as well as the Pearl Brightening Cream and Black Mamba Line Correction.
  • Antioxidants
    Antioxidants are ingredients that naturally neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals that cause a chain reaction of damages in a cellular level. These are commonly found in organic extracts form tea leaves and algae, which are present in all the Collections and most of the skincare products by L’Core Paris to provide an extra layer of protection.

Luxury Ingredients

It is quite easy to think that adding luxury ingredients in skincare products are just a marketing ploy and that it doesn’t really have any benefits for the skin. For those who have tried luxury skincare products however, they can tell you a different kind of story. Using products with luxury ingredients such as diamonds, pearls, and gold are some of the most therapeutic facial treatment experiences that you can have.

Luxury cosmetics products are usually marketed as luxury brands based on the elegance, rarity, and effectiveness of the products. This is why most brands with luxury ingredients are also some of the most effective. Though some may claim that brands using diamonds and gold in their products such as L’Core Paris are scams, the successful market of these kinds of products are evidence enough to suggest that the luxury and formulation behind the brand are effective.

The L’Core Paris Brand

All the products of L’Core Paris are infused with nanoparticles of luxury gemstones, a skincare technology that has been proven to provide therapeutic properties to the skin. All the collections are named from the gemstone that best represents the skin benefits that they provide. Gold nanoparticles that represent the rich  healthy skin glow for its nourishing properties, the diamond nanoparticles represent the ageless beauty provided by the anti-aging products, the emerald nanoparticles for the healthy collagen nourishment, sapphire for calm and tranquil cleansing products, ruby for bio thermal treatments, and pearl for skin brightening.

These therapeutic luxuries are combined with the effective formulations that are also infused by organic extracts that provide some of the best and most advanced skincare formulations found in luxury cosmetics products. Take our word for it – the products are some of the most effective as well.