L’Core Paris Ripoff

The Diamonds in Skincare Products

It is quite common to think that gemstones and precious jewels might not be really offering skincare benefits in cosmetics products, despite it being quite a common ingredient that are used by even the most recognized cosmetics brands. There are even claims that diamond infused brands like L’Core Paris are ripoffs, though with just enough research, it can be quite easy to find some answers that prove that there are some truths to the skincare benefits that are provided by diamonds in luxury skincare products.

Diamond Infused Skincare Products

Diamonds are now quite a common ingredient in skincare products and in cosmetics in general. L’Core Paris, one of the brands that have gained so much positive reviews from our site, even has a whole collection of anti-aging products that are infused with diamond nanoparticles.

Diamonds can be found in facial creams, masks, serums, and BB creams – some of the most commonly used products in skincare and cosmetics. It can be hard to determine when exactly diamonds were used as skincare products, though its popularity have risen quite a lot over the past few years. The diamond ingredients that are infused in skincare products depending in the product’s intended use, and here are the two most common types.

  • Diamond Nanoparticles
    This is the type of diamond ingredients that are infused with L’Core Paris products. These are created using advanced nanotechnology procedures, where the diamonds are broken apart to its nanoparticle form. It is very ideal to infuse diamonds to skincare products in this form, as it can easily blend with the skincare formulations of the individual products – especially in the liquid composition of facial serums.
  • Diamond Powder
    Diamonds can also be processed into very dine diamond dust that are usually used as ingredients for facial cleansers for its exfoliating properties. Diamonds are known as some of the hardest material in earth, and in its fine powder form, they can provide exfoliating properties that you can feel in the skincare products when you use them.

Diamond Skincare Properties

Now, let’s talk about the benefits that diamonds can provide for the skin. It’s quite easy to think that products like L’Core Paris are ripoffs just because of the main ingredient that are advertised for the product.

Diamonds are more commonly known as a precious gem used for jewelry and other luxury items, and with this status comes the idea that luxury cosmetics are only using it in their products as a luxury factor – without adding any other benefits. While it is true that precious jewels do provide a significant increase in the luxury factor of the cosmetics products, it does provide some other skincare benefits that can aid in different cosmetics and skincare products.

  • Optical Diffusion
    This is one of the most unique properties that diamond infused products can provide for the skin. Diamonds are known as some of the most reflective substances in the world, and it can reflect light in different directions if they come in fine diamond dust or nanoparticles.

    When applied in skincare products, such as the anti-aging Diamond Collection of L’Core Paris, the nanoparticles of diamonds can reflect light in miniscule ways to different directions creating a blurring effect in the skin. This is especially beneficial for anti-aging products, since the blurring effect can visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, offering an instant anti-aging solution while the anti-aging formula works for the long-term effects.

  • Exfoliating Properties
    As mentioned above, diamond particles can provide exfoliating properties to the skin – making it a perfect ingredient for facial cleansing and peeling products. The miniscule particles of diamonds can provide this with its naturally hard composition that gently scrubs away dirt and dead skin from the pores and the skin’s surface. This is called microdermabrasion that gently sands the skin and can even remove light scars, skin discolorations, and sun damage. The diamond particles that are used for these kind of formulations are all designed to be smoother, so that it can effectively exfoliate without causing abrasions to the skin.
  • Therapeutic Effects
    This might be one of the main reasons why people think that diamond facial skincare products like L’Core Paris are ripoffs. It’s quite easy to doubt that diamonds, which are basically just elegant stones, can provide such therapeutic effects. This is one effect that you really have to try to prove to yourself.

    Think about it. Investing in a luxury facial experience such as diamond facials can provide a sense of luxury pampering for your skin. This kind of indulgence brings in a state of mind that calms the mind, body, and yes, even the skin, for a therapeutic effect that can boost the effectivity of the skincare products.

L’Core Paris Anti-Aging Diamond Collection

The L’Core Paris brand is quite known for their luxury skincare collections that provide solutions to different skincare concerns. The said collections include the day and night skincare regimen products of the gold collection, the collagen enhancing emerald collection, the skin cleansers of the sapphire collection, and the bio thermal skincare products of the ruby collection. One of the most notable of these collections is the Crystalline Diamond Collection – L’Core’s set of anti-aging skincare solutions.

L’Core Paris products are all infused with the luxury gems from which the collection is named after. In the case of the Crystalline Diamond Collection – all of its anti-aging skincare products are infused with nanoparticles of diamonds. The collection is consisted of four anti-aging products: The Express Lifting Crystalline Diamond Cream and Serum, the 60 Second Facelift Creams, and the Wrinkle Filler Cream; each providing anti-aging properties in different methods with results from immediate to long term.

The Diamond Facial Experience

The L’Core Paris brand have provided us some of the best products that we have reviewed, and using their products are some of the most indulging facial care experiences that we’ve had the pleasure to try out. We may not be experts when it comes to the procedures that happen in formulating the skincare formulas, but our firsthand experience in using the facial care products tells us which products provide effective results – and we can say from experience that the claims of diamond infused skincare products like that of L’Core Paris are ripoffs are untrue.