L’Core Review

What are the effects of Diamond in your skin?

Nowadays the beauty industry is coming up with new types of facial creams, serums and toners every day. In the past they only make use of fruit extracts and soap components. But over the years in the attempt to improve the products, advanced nanotechnology is now being used to create diamond infused products.

One Hollywood celebrity endorser who is known for using diamonds in her cosmetics is Mila Kunis, she has confessed about using ruby and diamond facial before going to an award show. The diamond facial costs around $7,000 during 2011, this is probably too expensive for a lot of women but because cosmetic companies want to reach the middle class market, they are now creating luxury cosmetics that are much more affordable.

One of the major brands who have introduced the use of diamonds in skin care cream is L’Core Paris.

Companies like L’Core Paris are filed under aspirational products; they create skin care products that make women feel happy. The concept of the brand is about taking care of the skin.

L’Core Paris has created a new line of skin care products that contain diamonds. It offers brightening serum creams that contain diamonds, masks that contain gold and even line correctors that are infused with the power of gemstones like Sapphire and Ruby.

The question here is the products really working, do diamond products really work? We did an L’Core review to check if some of their products are really worth it. One of the famous products that we have reviewed is the Brightening Serum concoction from L’Core.

In our L’Core Paris review we have noticed that the brightening serums really work. It offers a lot of health benefits by energizing the skin and removing skin discoloration.

The diamond peel has this exfoliating ability that gently removes the stains before whitening the skin. It also penetrates better on the skin because it makes use of nanotechnology. This is something that L’Core Paris is known for.

In the past, I really felt that diamonds on your skin was merely a scam that Hollywood crafted. But since I tried and tested some of the products myself I was blown away. It was really working and I have achieved a fairer skin in just 2 weeks of using the brightening serum. This was truly impressive and I understand now why Hollywood celebrities are addicted with it.