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Understanding the difference between a night cream and a sleeping mask:

If you are not a cosmetic skin care expert, it would really seem confusing to differentiate between the uses of night cream and a sleeping mask. Is there any difference between the two? Major luxury brands like L’core Paris have set up their own L’core Products review on www.lcoreparis.com to help clients understand between the difference of the products and when to use them. For example, you need to know if you need to use a cleanser or a toner first, you also have to understand the difference between a serum with collagen and a night cream without collagen.

Some beauty bloggers are asking is there any difference between a night cream and a sleeping mask. The answer is no. They both can be used as a moisturizer before going to sleep. The only difference from day creams is the fact that these types of night cream work better at night due to the humectants that are added on the skin. For example the Multi Use cream can be used in the morning, but it would be best to use the Emerald Collagen cream from L’core  Paris at night. This is because it contains retinol which is fast cating at night compared when it will be used in the morning. The ability of the Emerald collagen cream to cake overnight is what is expected with the product. This can be seen with the L’core products review that was given for L’core Paris.

Some skin care products with retinol are best used at night instead of the morning, because they contain exfoliating acids. It would be best that they are not used in the morning when skin is more photosensitive. Products from L’core Paris are friendly on the skin; they contain fruit extracts and organic ingredients that have anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits. This means that when using them the skin would feel smoother and will be less prone to acne.

Some of the bestselling creams from L’core Paris would include the Lavo Thermal cream from L’core luxury cosmetics. These products also contain collagen, and nourishing creams that improve the skin texture. All of these creams are lightweight and are easily absorbed by the skin. Each of these products will not leave a residue on the pillow; they are proven safe for use and best applied at night in order for them to take effect.