L’Core Luxury

Will diamonds really create a sparkling effect on your skin?

L’core Paris has just created an exciting new formula, it has succeeded in creating a set of facial creams, serums and toners that make use of real gold, diamond powder and gemstones. One of the ingredients that they have focused on is the diamond infused cream. The question in every one’s mind is the diamond cream really working and can it create a sparkling effect on the skin?

It was revealed in a recent survey done in the US and Europe that women all over the world are responding to this new skin care cosmetics. Thousands of women have purchased L’core Paris and have given their L’core luxury review.

The brightening serum and the Emerald Collagen cream from L’core Paris has received rave reviews. Customers love the energizing effects of the serum and the fact that it also contains collagen and is proven to improve skin tone.  Diamond powder has the ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just the span of 2 weeks and it also has a sparkling effect.

The crushed diamond powder blended with nanotechnology patents and this is where changes are made. It creates a pearly iridescence because of the diamond powder. Once applied your skin will have that glamorized look, a lot of beauty influencers like Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid are known for using diamond serums that help create a sparkling effect on the skin.

The effects of the diamond are effective anti-aging, it also contains vitamins, age defying peptides, essential oils and plant extracts. According to the L’core Paris luxury review they were able to attain a finer looking skin with fewer wrinkles after using L’core Paris products. There are numerous benefits for the skin and the products were all designed to offer faster results.

Due to its effectiveness I would recommend it to family and friends. I was really impressed with the effects on my skin and even though I need to pay for a much higher price I know that it is worth it. I used to purchase 10 or more creams just to resolve my acne problem. Today just by selecting the diamond powder I can experience all of this in just one product. In the end it is more about quality and what the product can give to you and this is what L’core Paris has been able to perfect with the aid of nanotechnology patents.