L’Core cosmetics

Why L’core Paris is my favorite skin care cream

There are so many skin care products that are out in the market today, and it could get really confusing at times. Most of the packaging of these creams is upgrading and more and more formulas are being created.

I have encountered a number of skin care cosmetics but some of the most intriguing would include L’core Paris. I just had to make my own L’core cosmetics review about it.

What can I say about the packaging?

The way they package their facial creams, serums and toners remind me so much about Revlon. Been reading about the history of Revlon creams and this looks like a prototype. The ENTINA Cosmetics Luxury Skin Cells also look the same with L’core Paris. Only that L’core Paris gives you the feeling of being spoiled.

I like to take care of me; I spend a portion of my savings for skin care treatments because I love to work on my skin. I am already on my way to my 30s and I need to take care of my skin now. The thing that I like best about L’core Paris is that it helps me feel empowered. It is beautifully packaged and I can’t seem to get over it.  The thing that I feel whenever I try it on, is the feeling of sheer luxury, it almost feels as if I have a spa of my own.

Because of this I was encouraged to do more L’core cosmetics review in the process. I purchased the Multi-Use cream, the concentrated serum in the form of the brightening serum. I love the minimal box designs of L’core Paris, plus the scent of the box is pleasantly elegant. I like that it is also embellished with gold designs and comes with abstract shapes. They have made the packaging flawless; it feels like using a skin care collection item that is fit for a queen. The embossing shine and metallic finishes is just inspiring to look at. This product really feels premium and there are lay out key elements that help it stand out above the rest.

The organic ingredients added in the facial creams are also a plus, using the products has this transforming effect on the skin. I also love the fact that they make use of nanotechnology. I like skin care products that are ahead of their time. It makes me really feel like we have achieved something valuable here when it comes to skin care breakthroughs.