L’core paris gold as a cosmetic ingredient

L’core paris gold as a cosmetic ingredient has always been associated with beauty

Using traces of gold goes way back in time. It is said that Paleolithic Man found natural gold around 40,000 BC. There are records describing uses of gold at around 6,000 BC. Ever since its introduction, gold has had great intrinsic value. It has been a popular form of jewelry through the ages. History also records that gold has been one of the best ingredients for skin care through various civilizations as well. Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, known for her beauty, was rumored to have made use of gold face masks in order to preserve her surreal beauty along with her flawless complexion. In ancient Chinese civilizations, crushed gold was used by many queens in their skin care routines in order to enhance their beauty.

Today, 24K gold is used in a variety of skin care applications by L’core Paris to deal with various skin conditions. It concentrates on gold as a skin care treatment, following the steps of the ancients. Studies have shown that using gold in cosmetics can help to rejuvenate your skin in addition to reducing fine lines and wrinkles. In case of L’core cosmetics, gold manages to lock the moisture in your skin. This in turn helps in keeping your skin firm.

24K gold collection from L’core Paris is a range of skin care products that are formulated with the very best natural certified organic ingredients that will offer its consumers highly effective skin care solutions. Here, the main ingredient in this product line is gold. Each of these skin care solutions in our collection contains gold. This way we can cater to specific skin needs of our customers, while offering timeless beauty to all of them, no matter which product they are buying.

Our gold infused products make use of advanced manufacturing systems. The aim of L’core Paris is to provide exquisite products to our customers that are completely safe too.  It is the commitment of L’core cosmetics to offer unmatched solutions to its customers. Our 24K gold collection is a cosmetic line that concentrates on using gold as a phenomenal skin care solution. Each of our product in this collection aims at helping our customers to fight the signs of aging. We are focused towards constant innovation in our products in order to offer our customers the  best skin care products.