L’Core Paris Fake

Optimizing Skin Care Products in your Daily Regimen

Every skin care regimen is a process that is designed to be done in a certain order to bring out the best effects. This is why there are so many skin care products that come in sets, since they are designed to effectively boost the skin care benefits by working with each other. It’s also important the way you use the products is in the correct order: using creams before serums may prevent it from penetrating the skin, making it ineffective. It’s also important to check your entire skin care product first and make sure that you’re not using fake ones before using it in your skin care routine.

Trying out Skin Care Products

Perhaps the most important thing in starting a skin care regimen is by knowing the products first hand. Though you don’t really have to learn everything about a certain products, reading its label and ingredients is very important. For me, best ways of finding the best skin care products is by having them recommended by your friends; but if you can find some ways of trying them firsthand and experience the products yourself, that’s even better.

There can be some fake products that we may not know about, so before including a product in your routine, try it on first. One of the skin care brands that offer product trials for their customers is L’Core Paris. Perhaps in an effort to fight the claims that always surround up and coming brand (such as claims that L’Core Paris are fake skin care products), the company takes their money where their mouth is.

The L’Core Luxury Cosmetics shops in Las Vegas, particularly the one in the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay, offer its customers some of the most welcoming skin care shopping experience. This is actually the best reasons why I started using their products, since I was instantly hooked when I tried on some of their products: particularly the serums that have now become a part of my daily skin care regimen. For those who doubt that skin care products such as L’Core Paris are fake, trying them for yourself will confirm their effectivity.

Choosing the Right Set of Products

It’s really up to you on what kind of products that you want to use in your daily regimen. You should first find out what kind of formulations work best for your skin type (it may be dry, oily, or sensitive) and which kind of skin care products you would need in the day.

There are some things, however, that everybody can benefit from and should include in their daily skin care routines. First of all: cleansing products to cleanse the skin and remove any foreign substances; second: skin nourishment to keep your skin healthy; third: skin protection to prevent skin damages; and finally: moisturizing to keep your skin hydrated and keep the nutrients in. All of these I use in my skin care routine, in the form of facial foams, serums, and creams.

The Skin Care Regimen

As I have mentioned above, skin care routines usually involve the use of different skin care products in the correct order to boost their effectiveness. Listed down below is my own skin care routine and I‘ll also be explaining how the products are applied and the benefits that they provide.

  • Step 1: Cleansers
    Every skin care routine starts with the cleansers. It is important for the skin to be cleansed to rid it of foreign substances on the skin surface or that block the pores so the other skin care products won’t get contaminated and so that they can deliver their skin care benefits more efficiently deep down in the skin.At the start of the day, using a gentle form of facial wash, such as the L’Core Sapphire Facial Mousse, can gently remove dirt and dust from the skin. There are some elements however, such as make-up and sunscreen that may need a more thorough product to remove, so cleansers such as the L’Core Sapphire Milk Cleansers are designed to efficiently lift these thicker substances away from the skin.
  • Step 2: Facial Serums
    One thing to remember in a skin care regimen: use the thinner substances first, and then go increasingly thicker from there. Since serums come in a liquid form, it can easily be absorbed by the skin, so it can provide its nourishment deep in the skin’s roots. For my daily routine, I use the nourishing Vitamin C Serum of L’Core Paris’ Gold Collection, while I specifically use the 24k Eye Serum in my eye area to puff out my fine lines.
  • Step 3: Facial Creams
    Facial creams come in thicker viscosity, so it is usually applied last. It adds another layer of nourishment and keeps them all locked in. For starting the day, adding a layer of protection to your skin is a great benefit provided by face creams, such as the 24k Day Cream of L’Core Paris that also has SPF 30 for extra sun protection. The Night Cream of the same brand restores the moisture in for my skin every night so I feel refreshed every morning.

There is a reason why I use the same brand for my skin care regimen. First of all, each one of the products is designed to provide its own skin care benefits, and they are also created in their own set of collections. This means that each formulation are created by the same company, and naturally compliments the skin care benefits provided by each other – and they are sure to work very well with each other. Another reason would be because I trust the brand of the products. These are the skin care products that I have tried and tested, so I know that I’m not using fake L’Core Paris products.

Product Trust

It is very important for me to take care of my skin, and I really take a closer look when I choose new products to use. The L’Core Paris does have an elegant packaging, but more importantly, they are very transparent on the ingredients that they use. From the pharmaceutical grade ingredients, to the organic extracts, and the use of gemstone nanoparticles, I know that my skin is in good hands every time I use their products in my skin care regimen.