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My Cosmetics Secrets: Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract

You would probably think that someone made up the ingredient “Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract”. It sounds magical and almost a fantasy. But what Nymphaea Alba flower extract does can actually be considered as magic. First, to simply put the Nymphaea Alba flower extract, this extract can also be called white water lily.

This ingredient is being used with the popular age-defying skincare product of L’core Paris, the “Line Correction Black Mamba”. This is a best selling skincare product by L’core Paris that received the least (almost none) complaints among L’core products.

L’core Paris’ Line Correction Black Mamba is an anti-aging cream that is made for a safer alternative for anti-aging skin surgeries and injections. This product is strategically and uniquely designed to resemble a syringe to evenly spread out the skincare product throughout the areas of the face especially to those hard to reach spots. Anti-aging treatment is the biggest concern in skincare and cosmetics. Usually, it is hard to find skincare products that are highly effective and fast acting. You will only be able to find age-defying products that are actually effective from top notch designer products like L’core Paris.

L’core Paris  has become a popular choice in anti-aging ever since they showcased their product’s superior skincare benefits and fast acting results.

L’core Paris’ Diamond Collection

One of the most popular collections in L’core Paris cosmetics is the Diamond Collection. This collection consists of five age defying skincare products including the Line Correction Black Mamba. These products are specially infused with actual diamond pieces. One of the collection’s best sellers is also the 60 Second Face Lifting Cream which gained considerably high reviews that also received zero complaints about L’core products. The 60 Second Face Lifting Cream is a cream based mask that lifts the skin, reducing signs of aging like wrinkles and loose skin. With the help of the Line Correction Black Mamba, the skin can surely achieve a superior youthful looking skin.

Organic Extracts

L’core Paris is known to use ingredients that are purely organic like natural herb extracts and luxurious ones like minerals of gold, pearl, and gemstones. Organic ingredients are naturally fast acting and mild so they make such great skin care treatments. Organic ingredients are absorbed by the skin faster since most of them are naturally made for human consumption.

Adding the Nymphaea Alba flower extract or white water lily became a huge step in anti-aging for L’core Paris’ Line Correction Black Mamba since it has rich purifying and skin rejuvenating treatments. It can revive the growth of skin cells and reveal a younger radiant looking skin. It also reduces existing aging signs like deep lines and wrinkles.