L’Core Paris 24K Ultra Hydrating Day Cream

24K Ultra Hydrating Day Cream

Everyone knows how important it is to hydrate our skin and how simple it can be to do so. Apply a lotion on your skin, wait for it to dry and apply your make up.

However we do not always know which product to pick that is best for our skin, age and needs. Our skin is an extremely part of our body. Our face is the first thing people notice when they look at us. It says a whole story about who you are. You want to take care of yourself and show others your glamorous skin.

Have you ever asked yourself how often you apply a hydrating moisturizer to your face? How many times a day? Does it seem to work? All these questions are extremely important.

Why not start each day by using L’Core Paris facial moisturizer day and night? I can tell you one thing you won’t regret… Using this amazing product. L’Core has a line of skin care that truly works. The 24K Ultra Hydrating Day Cream works wonders!

The cream works to bring back nutrition into your skin by hydrating it even as your busy day goes on. A quick morning routine by applying the L’Core hydrating day cream on your face and that’s all.

Remember daily application gets more results for the long run. You should feel good in your own skin. Always protect it by using great products, L’Core has just that!


Serum use in cosmetics

Serum use in cosmetics as they contain an array of antioxidants

Our customers have high expectations of our serums. This is because they know that the serums offered by L’core Paris are concentrated with anti-aging ingredients that make a major impact on your skin.

Serum or moisturizer?

Serum is very different from moisturizer as it does not contain traditional emollients or thickeners. Rather, the L’core cosmetics such as creams and lotions contain these ingredients. In addition, our serums will not contain a sunscreen active either. This is because we use that extra space in our serums to pack in other beneficial ingredients such as natural French botanicals, precious minerals and so on.

Do note that a serum from L’core Paris won’t replace your daytime or moisturizer or your night cream. But our L’core cosmetics will boost your anti-aging results. In fact, your overall skin health can improve when serum is used morning and evening.

Use a good serum

You will be able to see the real benefits of using a serum when you stick to it day in and day out. In fact, you will most likely see some improvements right away as you use L’core Paris products. This is because our serums have an antioxidant-rich formula that helps to soothe redness and brightens the skin too. Over the long term you would be able to see signs of damage visibly fading. Besides, your skin will look healthier and feel firmer too!

Our serums contain anti-aging ingredients that have been proven to be effective. You must start using products that are loaded with these impressive ingredients before any signs of damage begin to occur. This way you will be on your way for an even complexion and firmer skin as you age. L’core Paris is devoted to offering you products with such ingredients that tend to work even after your skin damage starts to show up. But the sooner you start, the better it will be!

Our serums can target your specific concerns such as brown spots from overexposure to the sun. L’core cosmetics are able to help skin repair itself so that these damages can heal faster. But in order to keep discolorations from getting worse, you need to keep your skin protected by using these products from L’core Paris.  Do note that you need to be regular in whatever products you are applying in order to get the complete benefits.

Mask in cosmetics

Mask in cosmetics are using innovative ingredients

There are a variety of facial masks being in use today. These are formulated to resemble gels, pastes or even as thick emulsions. Basically these products can be easily distributed on the face with fingers. Once it has been applied, the mask layer has to remain in place and it should not drip. This is important as the product has to be kept out of the eyes and mouth. L’core Paris offers a variety of facial masks in their 24K Gold Collection as well as the Emerald Collagen Mask.

Why use face masks

The main objective of facial masks of L’core cosmetics is to provide fast but deep moisturization.  In addition, it aids in skin replenishment and restitution. Besides, other benefits of masks include sebum absorption and elimination. These L’core cosmetics lead to skin rejuvenation. You can expect an immediate radiant complexion after you remove our mask.

Our facial masks have simple combinations of ingredients that are presented in simple formulas. They have the power of precious minerals such as emeralds or 24K gold. In addition is the suppleness of an organic French botanical. These are able to save the consumer precious time as they can be applied while the customer is catching on sleep, viewing TV, etc.

L’core Paris offers masks that can be applied as an even layer to the face. Post that, it is removed as a film after a given amount of time. Our masks are water soluble. In addition, they are safe for all kinds of skin. These are gel-type face masks in which the hydrophilic solvents have been carefully blended. This helps to obtain progressive evaporation. Besides, there is an immediate moisturizing effect too. Our masks provide adequate thickening and elasticity characteristics too as they contain a variety of vitamins and minerals too. They are able to accelerate blood circulation besides slowing skin aging. This is because the L’core cosmetics work at a cellular level, which helps to improve skin complexion and provide radiance.

L’core Paris provides face masks that provide a variety of skin actions. They can hydrate, moisturize, in addition to restore, replenish as well as calm skin of all types and ages. They provide glow, freshness, in addition to a soothing, cooling along with an anti-reddening effect. Using our products means that you do not have to worry about side effects of any kind later on!

L’core paris gold as a cosmetic ingredient

L’core paris gold as a cosmetic ingredient has always been associated with beauty

Using traces of gold goes way back in time. It is said that Paleolithic Man found natural gold around 40,000 BC. There are records describing uses of gold at around 6,000 BC. Ever since its introduction, gold has had great intrinsic value. It has been a popular form of jewelry through the ages. History also records that gold has been one of the best ingredients for skin care through various civilizations as well. Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, known for her beauty, was rumored to have made use of gold face masks in order to preserve her surreal beauty along with her flawless complexion. In ancient Chinese civilizations, crushed gold was used by many queens in their skin care routines in order to enhance their beauty.

Today, 24K gold is used in a variety of skin care applications by L’core Paris to deal with various skin conditions. It concentrates on gold as a skin care treatment, following the steps of the ancients. Studies have shown that using gold in cosmetics can help to rejuvenate your skin in addition to reducing fine lines and wrinkles. In case of L’core cosmetics, gold manages to lock the moisture in your skin. This in turn helps in keeping your skin firm.

24K gold collection from L’core Paris is a range of skin care products that are formulated with the very best natural certified organic ingredients that will offer its consumers highly effective skin care solutions. Here, the main ingredient in this product line is gold. Each of these skin care solutions in our collection contains gold. This way we can cater to specific skin needs of our customers, while offering timeless beauty to all of them, no matter which product they are buying.

Our gold infused products make use of advanced manufacturing systems. The aim of L’core Paris is to provide exquisite products to our customers that are completely safe too.  It is the commitment of L’core cosmetics to offer unmatched solutions to its customers. Our 24K gold collection is a cosmetic line that concentrates on using gold as a phenomenal skin care solution. Each of our product in this collection aims at helping our customers to fight the signs of aging. We are focused towards constant innovation in our products in order to offer our customers the  best skin care products.

The benefit of Gold in Cosmetics

The benefit of Gold in Cosmetics

The ownership of gold and of course the quantity owned have long been seen as a statement of wealth, however what many people don’t realize is that gold has many other great benefits including to their health! Gold in cosmetics is not a new technique, its use in beauty products date back to pre 3000 BC. It became extremely popular for use in jewelry because of its ease to be worked into shapes (especially using ancient tools) but historical records and archeological findings have discovered that gold was considered to be a premium ingredient for skincare across many civilizations around the world.

Gold in cosmetics was something that has been traced back to the ancient Egyptians. Cleopatra herself well known for her natural beauty used face masks containing gold to ensure her natural beauty was preserved and to give her the most enviable flawless complexion. Many Chinese royalty members used gold in cosmetics too, ensuring they looked good at all times.

Gold is still used in many topical skin care products and cosmetics helping people all over the world to combat a variety of skin problems. The premium cosmetic industry leaders started to look into the benefit of gold in cosmetics years ago and realized its potential to create a range of products that actually work! The benefit to having gold in cosmetics ranges from helping to give skin a youthful glow to actually stopping the aging process in its tracks!

Gold for youthful skin

As we get older the elasticity of the skin declines which is why we start to develop wrinkles and fine lines. The reason this happens is because the body no longer produces natural collegens at that same rate it once did. That combined with gravity means that people begin to get jowels, dry skin and age spots. Without the skin producing the same amount of oils as it once did the skin can become dry which in addition to being felt by touch, is also obvious just by looking in the mirror. The firmness of the skin relies heavily on both elasticity and moisture, but rather than opting for a better skin care product lots have instead chosen surgical procedures that can come at a high risk. There are lots of products on the market that contain ingredients that were created by a laboratory, but many of these are based on natural ingredients. Why choose a synthetic when you can have the real thing?

Gold in cosmetics for all ages

Gold in cosmetics is not only for those showing signs of aging, it can also clear up problems such as acne, combination and dry skin allowing true beauty and flawlessness to show through. Starting a skin regime with gold in cosmetics can give nature the helping hand it needs before signs of aging show which is why so many people now advocate taking care of the skin as young as possible. There are different products available containing gold that can combat troublesome areas, or instead treat the skin entirely to help halt, reverse and prevent skin problems that many complain about.

Snake Venom in Cosmetics

Snake Venom in Cosmetics

What’s the best kept secret in the most successful anti-aging cosmetic products on the market? –Snake Venom! Yes, we just said snake venom and there’s a reason why it will become your new favorite anti-aging product.

Using cosmetic products with venom is a great alternative to Botox because it produces the same results, if not better, without any pain involved. Synthetic venom is safer, more convenient and cheaper in the long run. The way snake venom works is the amino acids block nerve signals that tell your muscles to contract, essentially freezing them. This mimics the poison paralyzing the snake’s prey after injecting them with toxins through their fangs. Artificial venom is the key ingredient that smooths out existing wrinkles but also prevents new wrinkles from forming. Venom is truly the answer to youthful looking skin no matter what age you are.It’s never too early or too late to start investing in your skin.

So you might be wondering, Is it safe? –Yes! When artificial snake venom is applied to the skin topically it is completely safe and harmless. The biggest advantage snake venom cosmetic products have over traditional techniques like Botox is that it’s absolutely painless and very easy to add into your current skincare regime. Artificial venomdiminishes wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines and other signs of aging by actually freezing the muscles. But unlike Botox, this does not prevent you from making facial movements. This gives you a smooth and fresh appearance without having to suffer through injections and spend time at doctor’s appointments. It’s no wonder celebrities like GwenythPaltrow are slithering to stock up on this miracle product- because it works!

If you’re anxious enough to get your hands on some snake venom products to try, we recommend our Black Mamba Line Correction. This boosted formula replaces all surgical procedures and injections. Our Line Correction will reduce the appearance of moderate deep lines and wrinkles and if used daily, will give your skin a consistent smooth and rejuvenated appearance. Simply apply a small amount over desired area, smooth out with your finger and viola! The formula will begin to work its magic. Who would have thought that venom, of all things, would be the answer to fighting visible signs of aging? Try it out for yourself and be amazed with the instant results. This may become your new favorite beauty secret.

Sapphire In Cosmetics Provided By L’Core Paris

Sapphire In Cosmetics Provided By L’Core Paris


L’Core Paris offers a number of sapphire cosmetics that utilizes a breakthrough formula to revitalize your skin. The sapphire extracts that have been combined in the effective formulas gently helps clean the skin while allowing it to retain and attract the necessary moisture it needs to look healthy, clean and rejuvenated. Some of the sapphire in cosmetic products from L’Core include:


The Acne Control mask in the L’Core sapphire collection can help many individuals who suffer from mild to moderate acne skin problems. The sapphire formula promotes skin hydration as well as providing a protective agent that can help prevent breakouts. The mask effectively reduces oil build up in the pores that can cause acne breakouts and helps gently unclog pores where oil and dirt can be trapped. For smooth, clear and youthful looking skin that remains shine free the Acne Control Sapphire Mask can help you see the results you have been searching for in a beauty product.


The Sapphire Facial Cleansing Mousse is the perfect beauty product for any skin type. This foam cleanser will leave skin feeling smooth and looking youthful. The sapphire formula gently but thoroughly cleans the skin while shrinking pores and promotes cell growth.


Sapphire Facial Toner is specially formulated with a number of natural ingredients that not only helps remove makeup and oil from the face but also keeps the skin moisturized. This facial toner contain vitamin E, aloe and a number of beneficial ingredients that gently removes the dirt trapped in pores while refining pores and leaving the skin looking more radiant and refreshed.


The Sapphire Facial Peel is the ultimate anti aging remedy that is gentle and effective at leaving the skin rejuvenated and healthy. The active ingredients including Ginseng, Green Tea Extract, sapphire minerals and more provide the skin with powerful anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants promote cell growth, effectively hydrates the skin by balancing the PH levels of the skin to attract and retain the proper moisture. With the Sapphire Facial Peel you will see a reduction in wrinkles and age spots and see a natural glow of radiant and youthful looking skin.


The L’Core Sapphire Milk Cleanser is a specially formulated cleanser that is safe and effective for all skin types. The ingredients, which include Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Sapphire Extracts, Jojoba and more gently removes impurities from the skin without removing the natural nutrients the skin provides to promote radiant and healthy looking skin.


The benefits of sapphire in cosmetics ranges from evening skin tone, promoting cell growth while also leaving the skin with a beautiful natural glow. Try any of these L’Core sapphire products to see the difference sapphire extracts can have with your skin.

Pharmaceutical Grade In Cosmetics

Pharmaceutical Grade In Cosmetics

L’core is a luxury cosmetic brand that utilizes precious gemstones in its extensive range of products. The safety of our customers is of paramount importance and thus we ensure that the ingredients used in our products are organic and pharmaceutical grade raw materials.

Pharmaceutical grade materials are subject to extensive quality and safety checks and standards by the primary authorities such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). These standards include the following:

  • Using only the highest quality ingredients with no bacterial contamination
  • Ensuring that no adverse reactions to the skin occur upon application of the product
  • Using active ingredients in products that produce favourable outcomes for the skin

Unlike pharmaceutical grade, cosmetic grade skin products can contain upto 30% bacteria meaning that the ingredients are only 70% pure. When these bacteria come into contact with your skin a wide array of adverse reactions can occur including dermatitis, acne and itchy red rashes. Furthermore cosmetic grade products do not require scientific testing to confirm their claims, whereas pharmaceutical grade cosmetics require supplemental evidence-based studies to support any claims made by the company. Moreover the ingredients in pharmaceutical grade cosmetics are absorbed much better by your skin giving you optimum benefits.


Pharmaceutical grade products use sophisticated delivery systems that allow the active ingredients to enter deep into the dermis, or middle layer of the skin. This is where collagen is made, as well as penetrating the bottom layer of the skin, where new skin cells are produced. Collagen is what gives your skin its elasticity, keeping it soft and supple. Over the counter, cosmetic-grade products, however, stay on the top layer of skin or epidermis and never get properly absorbed into the dermal or bottom layer of your skin. Meaning you only get minimal, short-term benefits from the product.

The advantages of having superior delivery systems in L’core products is that they allow for greater levels of the active gemstone ingredients to penetrate into the lower layers of skin with promising results. Now you can achieve your skin care goals through using the wide range of pharmaceutical grade products available at L’core. Wipe out fine lines and wrinkles, get rid of unsightly hyperpigmentation, brighten your skin tone and ultimately feel comfortable in your own skin.

Rest assured, L’core only uses the purest gemstones in its products; these gemstones include rubies, gold, pearls and emeralds. Unlike other gemstone cosmetic brands, the L’core range has a higher concentration of these gemstones ensuring you get the maximum benefits. We source our gemstones from the deep core of the Earth to make sure that their purity is not compromised in any way.


L’core’s extensive product range is also suited to multiple skin types, so whether you have dry, acne prone, oily or normal skin you can safely use our products. Go online or come in store to have a look at our products, our friendly staff will explain any queries and concerns. Feel your best with L’core!

Pearls In Cosmetics Available From L’Core Paris Cosmetics

Pearls In Cosmetics Available From L’Core Paris Cosmetics

L’Core Paris has created a breakthrough line of pearl in cosmetic products that will leave you skin looking radiant and rejuvenated. The specially formulated ingredients in the brightening cream utilizes pearl infused powders to help provide the skin with crucial nutrients that leaves the skin smoother and glowing.


The active ingredients in the Brightening Cream found in the pearl collection include all natural products. Ingredients like coconut oil and safflower seed oil help promote cell growth, which can reduce the effects of sun damage, discoloration and dark spots. The combination of ingredients with the pearl in cosmetics can effectively help prevent future age spots, freckles and can even out skin tone. Pearl in cosmetics promotes the natural youthful look in skin without having to get painful injections or go through risky cosmetic surgery.


Benefits Of Using Pearls In Cosmetics:


Pearl powder has the active components that help brighten or lighten the skin pigmentation. For this reason the pearl collection from L’Core Paris line effectively reduces age spots, redness, sun spots, freckles and more. When pearls are ground down to a powder form the can be mixed with other effective ingredients to promote healthy, glowing and youthful looking skin.


The use of pearl in cosmetics also adds additional anti aging properties. The properties of the pearl powder can help keep skin toned and reduce large pores. This leaves the skin looking firmer but still smooth and clean. Your skin will be rejuvenated from using a small amount of the brightening cream after using a proper skin toner.


If you are prone to breakouts or your skin suffers from constant exposure to the sun or extremely cold weather using a product that contains pearl powder in it can help reduce the effects from the natural elements and breakouts. The pearl in cosmetics ingredients can reduce redness while providing nourishing nutrients to help the skin heal.


Because of the adhesive properties found in pearl powder it leaves the skin feeling smoother. Pearl in cosmetics allows for the proper moisture to be retained in the skin leaving it hydrated and smooth. Skin that lacks the proper hydration can feel rough, scratchy and will appear dry and flaky. The Brightening Cream from L’Core Paris not only helps reduce redness but can help keep the skin feeling softer and smoother. When the skin feels softer and is properly hydrated it will look younger.


Pearl in cosmetics is not an uncommon ingredients. For years pearl powder has been added to nail polishes, lipsticks and eye shadows. With a number of safe studies the L’Core Paris company introduced the pearl powder to its brightening cream to give individuals younger looking skin that many would pay thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgeries or injections to achieve. The brightening cream is just one of the many products you can find from L’Core Paris that utilizes breakthrough ingredients to provide anyone the beautiful, healthy and radiant skin they desire.

L’Core Paris Luxury Cosmetics

L’Core Luxury Cosmetics Setting A High Standard For Skin Care

L’Core Luxury Cosmetics has made vast breakthroughs in the skincare industry. The company prides itself on using only organic ingredients that revolutionize the way people are seeing astonishing results without costly risky surgeries or the use of continuous injections. What sets the L’Core Luxury cosmetics line apart from most other skin care products available is the use of rare gemstones as one of the feature ingredients in their products.


L’Core Luxury Cosmetics Gemstone Products:


The Gold Collection from L’Core Luxury Cosmetics display a full range of revitalizing skin treatment products. Mixing in gold powder helps repair, heal and effectively leaves the skin looking younger. The active ingredients in the gold collection skin care product line were created to provide users with a powerful formula that tightens the skin, stimulate cell growth and helps heal problem areas. The gold powder also helps reduce wrinkles and leaves the skin smooth and glowing. L’Core Luxury Cosmetics 24K Gold Collection include:

  • 24K Ultra hydrating Day Cream
  • L’Core 24K Vitamin C Serum
  • 24K Night Cream
  • 24K Eye Cream
  • 24K Eye Serum
  • L’Core 24K Facial And Neck Mask


The Crystalline Diamond Collection features a number of skin treatment creams and serums that help reduce the effects of a number of skin ailments. The diamond ingredients increase blood flow allowing the cells to regenerate more efficiently and easily. Dark spots, freckles and fine lines become noticeable reduced with the use of any number of the Crystalline diamond products. Your skin will be left cleaner, brighter and clearer with the use of these products. L’Core Crystal ling Diamond Collection includes:

  • Express Lifting Crystalline Diamond Cream
  • L’Core Wrinkle Filler Cream
  • Express Lifting Crystalline Diamond Serum
  • 60 Sec Face Lift Cream


Emerald ash is incorporated in the the L’Core Emerald Collection which offers some of the most profound anti-ageing results from any product available. Without any injection or surgery you can easily see major improvements with your skin by using one of the Emerald Collection products. These products were specially formulated to help reduce wrinkles, remove excess oil from the skin and improve the elasticity by tone the area. L’Core Emerald Collection includes:

  • Emerald Collagen Serum
  • Emerald Collagen Mask
  • Emerald Collagen Cream


The Ruby Collection offers products that provide the necessary moisture your skin needs to promote healthy cell growth and maintain a healthy vibrant glow. L’Core Lavo Ruby Collection includes:

  • Lavo Bio Thermal Cream
  • Lavo Bio Thermal Serum
  • Lavo Bio Thermal Mask


The Sapphire Collection from L’Core Luxury Cosmetics offers some of the most effective skin care products you can find. The cleansers, masks, peels and more provide a powerful formula that gently cleans the skin, as well as clear away dead cells, reduce wrinkle, tone up the skin as well as balance out the pigments. Your skin will look younger and feel smoother from using the Sapphire Collection Products. L’Core Sapphire Collection includes:

  • Acne Control Mask
  • Facial Cleansing Mousse
  • Sapphire Facial Toner
  • Sapphire facial Peel
  • Sapphire Milk Cleanser


They also offer a L’Core Pearl Collection and a Black Mamba Diamond Collection these collection are still being expanding and currently only offer two products. The Line Correction Black Mamba and a Brightening Cream in the Pearl Collection.


All of the L’Core Luxury Cosmetic skincare products are utilizing the use of rare gems to effectively deliver a high quality product that gives profound results.